Tv Ratings: Justin Bieber Boost? Aggressive Arrest Coverage Lifts Some

Justin Bieber Arrested For DUI Hearing Screengrab - H 2014

News” leaps to a two-month high. CNN CNN coverage of Justin Bieber’s arrest Justin Bieber’s wild ride through Miami Beach didn’t just land him in the county clink. The 19-year-old’s Thursday arrest and charges for DUI, resisting arrest and having an expired driver’s license made him hard to avoid on TV throughout the day. our editor recommends PHOTOS: Justin Bieber and Other Unfortunate Hollywood Mug Shots Bieber’s woes were a popular topic on CNN, which has already prepped a Friday special devoted to the arrest. Even Fox News Channel and MSNBC, which often show a little more restraint in celebrity matters, offered frequent updates on the action. (MSNBC is getting semiviral flak for a clip of Andrea Mitchell interrupting former U.S. Rep.Jane Harman talking about NSA eavesdropping with a “breaking” Bieber alert.) But did the viewers care? It’s almost impossible to look at just one day of cable news ratings and make any sound judgments, but the Big Three seemed relatively unaffected by the event.


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